I’m a rabid nostalgic. Don’t get me wrong, I try to live in the moment and set my sights on the future.  But my heart often lives in the past – in those old home movies.

I began Rown Productions back in 2007 having first worked in advertising and then going to graduate school for communications. Rown began as a full-service video production company and with my desire to help bring incredible stories to audiences around the world.  That desire brought me far and wide … but after having two kids I wanted to be closer to home.

That’s when I realized that incredible stories come in all shapes and sizes and I was living them every moment with my growing family.  I wanted to be present with my kids and also have a career so my focus quickly shifted to telling my own family’s stories and helping others tell theirs.

Bringing these amazing moments caught on camera together into something viewable and enjoyable is a great joy for me and getting to be a part of people’s lives and their histories in this way is a gift.